on purpose: hatching

we all have it.
that thing.
sitting in your stomach
that thing that if you sit quietly enough
you’d hear it whisper your name.
on certain days it almost feels like it’s going to explode
or crawl out of your throat
head first
on others you find yourself frightened.
where did it go?
why can’t i feel it anymore?
did i dream it?

we all have it.
that thing.
that thing that you feel like you should give a name
like we do all things we become accustomed to.
people always tell you how beautiful your thing is
how you should show it more often
all the while you thank them
all the while you are confused
you don’t see it
that thing that is all over you
out of your pores
and you look down
and you see your self
staring back at you
and it feels like
everything you’ve ever wanted to be



3 thoughts on “on purpose: hatching

    • changed the title a little bit to make it more clear what that “thing” is (my purpose in life. my special talent) it’s not so scary of a thing now i hope! lol

      • Oh! Sorry! Honestly, it works because it makes the ‘thing’ ambiguous and interpretation is left to the reader. It really left things open ended. It could be seen as something positive or highly fearful. It adds the layer of complexity to the work.


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