on the 5 things i know for sure

1) spirits and energies transfer and you must be mindful of the spirits and energy in the people, places, and things you interact with.

ever leave a conversation feeling like the energy has been sucked out of you? like you’ve been drained of your positivity? because you gave all you had to the person because they needed it? sometimes we feel the need to fix other people and in that fixing we forget about our well being as well. i realized that my energy was being sucked away by certain friendships in my life and that certain interactions left me feeling empty rather than full because of constant negativity.
in contrast, i have people in my life that radiate positive energy and my day feels a little bit brighter whenever i’m around them. i strive to be this type of person to people and to surround myself with this positivity. i try to be mindful of how i leave people feeling and how they leave me feeling. in this awareness i have found that keeping a balance of give and take is the best way to moderate this inevitable constant tradeoff of energy.

2) venting is not about letting out the steam but rather an opportunity for allowing yourself to be ministered to by the person you vent to.

sometimes we tend to vent all our emotions all at once to anyone who will listen. this is the most traveled route to disappointment and heartbreak. often times the person you vent to may be a good listener but that’s all they’ve really done — they’ve heard you. but did they listen? did they ask you productive questions to get to you rethink and evaluate your situation? did they pray with you?  don’t just vent and give out your secrets to someone and anyone who may not have good intentions for you. it’s not enough to just get it out. get something in return.

3) choosing water as your drink of choice will not only improve your skin, and health but your spiritual health as well. water is the source of life.

in the words of rapper Mick Jenkins, “drink more water. or you might die.” drinking only water for the past couple of years has increased my energy levels and recently i’ve noticed it even affects mood too. when i feel upset i sometimes chug 2 bottles of cold water and that helps to cool me off. it could just be in my head but it works for me. the only downside is peeing 50 times a day, which can be a cleansing process of its own (yes, spiritually too). next time you make a purchase, treat yourself with a new waterbottle and some lemons to infuse it with.

4) you don’t “find yourself”, you create yourself.

we hear stories of this all the time. that someone has traveled the world to find themselves or went on a hike or camping trip to interact with nature to find themselves. finding yourself is a myth. finding yourself implies you are lost. you are not out there. place your hand on your heart. you are here. this is your home. decorate it how you please. who do you want to be? you can choose to work on the parts you don’t like and develop the parts you wish to have. exercise agency and create the person you want to be.

5) i don’t know anything for sure.


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