Philip Moss

For me

Self-care is curling up into a ball and allowing myself to cry

Self-care is listening to Bossa Nova

Self-care is buying myself an Orange Fanta even when I know that it’s not healthy

Self-care is dancing

Self-care is remembering that my family loves me and is proud of me

Self-care is getting under a blanket

Self-care is petting a dog that probably doesn’t know English

Self-care is talking to friends

Self-care is calling my mom

Self-care is taking a Friday night for myself

Self-care is calling my dad

Self-care is praise dancing in bus seat on the way to Potosí, because I didn’t know how else to talk to God in that moment

Self-care is singing Gospel songs

Self-care is reading my Bible

Self-care is being silent and making time to be alone

Self-care is watching “A Different World” or “Al fondo hay sitio”

Self-care is taking a…

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