on traditions: fakedeep express

this Christmas wasn’t at all like the others.

for the first time, my family stayed in and we spent the day resting. we ate breakfast for dinner and did our annual screening of the Polar Express, except this time we managed to drag my dad into watching with us even though he’s not a movie type of guy. i knew this time would be a different experience because my parents love to make commentary throughout movies. and it was hilarious. it had only been about 3 minutes when my dad asked “what kind of animation is this? It looks like a hybrid with real people.” we laughed and hushed him and told him to pay attention.
halfway through the movie, my mom asked us why we like this movie so much and i didn’t know how to answer other than that it’s tradition and it wouldn’t be Christmas if we didn’t watch it. this was about the 5th year my siblings and i were watching this movie as part of our tradition, yet this time we decided to pay close attention to try to catch things we may not have noticed before. and boy were we catching them. maybe it’s because i’ve become more of a critical thinker since being in college, but while watching it dawned on me that there has to be a deeper meaning behind this movie because it’s lowkey a little bland and it’s appeal for me comes mostly from the beautiful visual art and the smell of the hot chocolate we always drink while watching.
so we decided to put on our fakedeep thinking caps and tried to decipher what each character and scene symbolized. by the end of the movie, we’d come up with a masterpiece analysis. we concluded that the Polar Express train represents a spiritual journey on which you discover more about yourself and the journey on the way to believing. the conductor could be Jesus because he recruited the passengers on board through giving them the power to choose whether they wanted to join or not. at the destination, which is where the main character finally believes, the other passengers receive tickets on which there is a single word which represents their true gift — we took this to resemble the spiritual gifts you receive as a believer. it took us longer to figure out what was going on with the weird ghost on the roof of the train, but G thought he was suppose to be the holy spirit since he saved them every time someone was about to fall off the train. but i personally think it wasn’t executed well if that is true. maybe i’ll figure it out next Christmas lol.
while we did the dishes, my mom asked us whether we still planned to continue with our tradition now that we have deciphered the movie. and we looked at her like she was crazy and responded “but of course!”



4 thoughts on “on traditions: fakedeep express

  1. wow 😲… I remember Ghanaian Christmas traditions… Christmas doesn’t start without GTV showing home alone… This year they really delayed… So we were a bit skeptical about Christmas… To top it up harmattan came really late… The first dry foggy day in December was 27th….
    With Family traditions we used to have a bonfire on 31st to crossover into the new year… We started piling firewood from September… All the children in the neighborhood used to look up to it… Both Christians and Moslems… The night started with an open air film show at my house then bonfire and fire works… All of us had fun… Well that ended when we moved about 3 years ago… Along the line most of us grew up and found other things to do…. My family has been subjected to alot of changes over the years we’ve started and ended so many family traditions… This raises up certain questions… Does the absence of these family traditions render the season irrelevant? Well I’m still trying to make the most out of it by sticking to the reason behind the season…. ( I think apart from Akotowa I have succeeded making the longest comment ever😆)

    • a bonfire and open air film show sound so amazing! one of the many reasons i miss Ghana is because of fun times such as those with a bunch of people around and good happy cheer. i love that question. i don’t think traditions should be placed above the reason for the season which is the greatest gift to all mankind, Jesus Christ. i’m even ashamed that i chose to write about this tradition instead of the traditions that include the true meaning of Christmas lol we also always do a 9 lessons and carols at my house and invite all our family friends and their kids in the area to sing. it was so beautiful this year and the kids played their instruments during the caroling. hope you had a blessed Christmas! Thank you for being loyal and always sharing your thoughts 🙂

      • Well in the beginning it didn’t really seem like Christmas… Like I said there’s a lot going on with the family(I’ll like to share them with you but not through the comments) so alot has been going on for some years now… And someway we let our pride and egos affect everyone… So someway somehow it was good… We the kids were with dad… Mum went to organize a Christmas party for the kids at her hometown…. And on Christmas day we had an epic spoken word recital on our radio show… The following day was the Ehalakasa grand slam… So I treated myself to some good spoken word….
        So now I’m realizing that embracing adulthood doesn’t necessarily immunize you from catching the Christmas fever… The fever will get you once you realize your own beautiful way of still enjoying the things you love.

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