on mapless road trips

when my dad called G and i this morning to get ready for church, our first response was to groan because we were still tired from last night’s New Year’s Eve party which we got home from around 3am. we washed our crusty eyes and dressed lazily in contrast to how we usually like to slay to church.

as we walked in, the worship song’s lyrics were displayed across the screen in big letters, reading “all his promises are yes and amen.” i was shook. this same phrase has come up about 3 times this past week already, and here it was again in song form staring at me. what does it even mean? what is the promise and who exactly is it to? i leaned over and asked my dad whether the promise is a literal promise i can find written in the bible or whether it’s referring to God’s personal promises to me. he told me it’s both and that they kind of work together because the promises God makes in the bible are yes to Jesus and through him we say amen. i’m not sure i fully grasp that concept yet but it sure sounds comforting.

the gist of the message today is that God has a plan set up for me and let’s me in on that plan through placing desires in my heart and tells me simply to go. it’s not going to come with a map or gps and that’s what’s scary/exciting about it because having no set direction will require me to have faith by simply taking the next step and trusting that God’s plan is perfect and even if i step out of line i’ll be rerouted. it’s comforting believing that there are no wrong turns!! every “wrong” turn is part of the spiritual journey and builds character. this gives me hope.

i feel like screaming at the top of my lungs because i’m so filled with hope!!! to be honest i felt an impending doom about 2017 because i didn’t know what to expect. i’ll be entering my last year of college, i don’t know what i’ll be doing in the summer even though i need an internship, i wonder if i’ll have a job befor graduating, and i am unsure of whether my plethora of business ideas will come into fruition the way i imagine. but i’m hope full that it will all work out because there is a plan and all i have to do is take the next step. i don’t have to know the full picture because it will all work out.

i know you’re wondering when you started following a Christian blog but that’s not what this is at all. in fact i despise the world religion/religious. i’m not here for it. what i am here for is a relationship with God/the universe through conversations with others and striving to understand my existence and purpose through experiences and reading. i’d simply be lying to you and going against the purpose of this blog if i held back what’s been going through my mind and what’s been festering in my heart lately. writing has been so much easier for me since i started being raw and i’m excited this blog has become my safe space for that.

thank you for coming along on this journey,
thank you for sharing pieces of your heart through your comments,
thank you for being,



4 thoughts on “on mapless road trips

  1. Epic… I like the focus on spiritually rather than religion… If you study deeper you’ll realize that those who persecuted Jesus did so because they were blinded by their religion… I think I’ll end here to prevent this from ending up as a controversial comment

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